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With coronavirus concerns forcing salons and barbershops to close, Victory Barber & Brand™ Founder Matty Conrad (@mattyconrad) knew he had to do something. That’s why Matty started an affiliate program for salons and shops to sell product to clients via the Victory Barber & Brand™ website—and earn 50% commission.

Matty went live on Behind The Chair’s Instagram with BTC Founder & Creative Director Mary Rector (@marybehindthechair) to talk about how any salon can get started with this affiliate program. Plus, he talked about how he decided to close his four barbershops and how he is handling it.


Here’s Why Matty Started An Affiliate Program

Matty is the founder of four Vancouver-area barbershops with 40 chairs total, and he closed his shops 11 days before mandated closure by the Canadian government.

“I was watching on Instagram as people were still arguing about cleanliness and how many times they wipe down their station, while our shops had been closed for days,” says Matty. “We closed 11 days ago in Canada. It hadn’t been mandated. The reason it hadn’t been mandated is because it was overlooked. It wasn’t because it’s not important or it wasn’t safe. It got mandated because it’s an industry that’s been overlooked.”

 Matty wanted a way to help his staff continue to earn money during the closure, and saw people online suggesting product deliveries directly to clients. While that made sense for some people, he didn’t think it was safe for his staff, so he figured out how to use his product company, Victory Barber & Brand™, to continue selling and shipping products directly to clients while also providing income for his staff.

 But it isn’t just an affiliate program for Victory Barber shop staff. “I realized how many of my friends were doing this and struggling or how many people didn’t have inventory to work with or money to buy inventory…I saw so many people struggling and freaking out,” he said. “I realized that encouraging people to stay home, which has been my message, isn’t totally practical to some people or achievable to some people.”

 So after taking stock of what inventory he had, he started the Support Your Local Barber Program to help financially support barbers and hairstylists by selling Victory products to earn 50 percent commission.

 “I thought, ‘What if I could offer this to people that don’t have inventory? What if I can offer to ship and I can offer to help them fulfill those things when they don’t have inventory to send? When they don’t have the capability of going into their shop and have those things? What if we could just offer them a lifeline?'”


How The Affiliate Program Works:

Victory Barber & Brand™’s Support Your Local Barber Program will help financially support barbers and hairstylists by selling Victory products to earn 50 percent commission.

  • A custom code, graphic and text will be emailed to you to promote and sell the products. 
  • You earn 50 percent commission on every product sold with bi-weekly payouts through Paypal.  
  • Victory Barber & Brand™ will ship the products directly to your client—you don’t need to do anything else.