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The most sought after apron in the industry.


This heavyweight apron offers maximum protection for keeping your finest clothing safe and sound. Made from high performance rip-stop nylon and lined with a fully waterproof interior shell, this apron is scientifically designed to resist chemicals and debris of all types.

  • Features
  • Chemical resistant.
  • High-performance material scientifically designed to resist chemicals and hair build-up.
  • Full-sized, adjustable leather straps for maximum comfort and fit.
  • Intelligent six-pocket design.
  • Concealed pocket zipper for easy cleaning.
  • Vintage hardware for a classic look.
  • Teflon-treated for added durability and water resistance.


Cleaning instructions: DO NOT MACHINE WASH – remove debris with a stiff brush and hand wash with a cloth and light detergent. Lay flat or hang to dry DO NOT TUMBLE DRY placing apron in the dryer will damage the protective coating on the inside of the apronREMOVE ALL LEATHER STRAPS BEFORE WASHING! Washing leather will damage the straps and warranty will be voided.  

Fit: See fitting video for strap adjustments.

Size: 23w x 30h

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews

Never have to worry about hair or color getting on my clothes with this! The straps and buckles are gorgeous. 100% recommend. Will be getting the craftsman ones too! Lovelovelove

Tamy Remillard
Love it

Comfortable, breathable, doesn’t stain with hair bleach! Love the zipper to empty the hair in the pockets! Love that it is easy to put on and remove! Looooove the straps!!! Over all love it! Thank you so much!

Stephen Mackey
Not sure

Can’t make a comment, as I have not received my apron yet.

Nick T
Still waiting to receive my order.

I’d love to review the apron but I’ve still yet to receive it. Somehow my shipping address got changed from 2-1188 to 1188-2 with the company telling me it was my doing. Like I don’t know my own address. I don’t live at unit 1188 #2 so why would I put that in as my address?? My package obviously got sent back to them and had been delivered 5 days ago and I’m still waiting for them to ship it to my correct address. Maybe once I get it I can give you a proper review but it’s been almost a month since I ordered and I’m losing confidence in the team at Victory.

Money well spent

Best price out there for this Great design. Simple yet perfect. Can’t wait to get out of Lockdown so I can put it to use!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this apron for?

The Victory Brand Tactical Apron is designed for chemical services or heavy-duty use. Made of a heavy gauge, rip-stop nylon and a thick, waterproof PV coating, this apron is practically bulletproof. Plus, it features the same intelligent, six-pocket design, adjustable leather straps and vintage hardware as the Classic Apron.

Why is this apron so special?

The Victory Brand aprons have been designed and re-designed to be the most durable, functional and fashionable apron on the market. Each pocket has been designed to fit and function with the most important tools of the trade.

  • Three scissor pockets are open at the bottom to prevent hair build-up in areas that are tough to clean out.
  • The iPhone pocket keeps your loved ones near but out of sight. The waist pockets are deep and perfect for holding on to clips, clippers, or anything that you need to have on hand.
  • The interior zipper and fully removable vintage leather straps makes cleaning a breeze.

Speaking of straps… our double-riveted, vintage-finished leather straps cross in the back, making sure our apron sits on the shoulders, NOT around the neck. This keeps our aprons ultra-comfortable with a flattering fit.

How is it different from other aprons?

Most aprons hang around the neck, causing fatigue and bad working posture, which can lead to neck and back pain. Victory Brand aprons feature a strap design that ensures weight is distributed to the shoulders, making it more comfortable and more ergonomic.

Many aprons are designed for the general public and the pockets serve a general purpose. Our aprons are designed specifically for barbers, stylists, and colorists, which means each pocket on Victory Brand aprons has been designed specifically to maximize its utility behind the chair.