3 Men’s Tips For Grooming Beards & Facial Hair

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Want more men in your chair? THIS is the easiest way to elevate your barbering services—master the art of cutting beards and facial hair and you’ll be sure to keep male clients on your books. Men’s grooming expert and educator Matty Conrad (@mattyconrad) is breaking down three easy tips for sectioning, working with different textures and finishing a beard trim. Scroll for it all!

1. Read The Texture: Curly vs. Straight
Working with the client’s natural texture—curly, straight or somewhere in between—will help you choose the right tools and techniques to customize their cut. 

  • Curly Beards: Avoid using a clipper comb to detangle. The fine teeth will put too much tension on the hair and may remove too much. Use a pick instead.
  • Straight Beards: This texture responds better to a comb for detangling and grooming. It’s typically easier to cut working with scissors in sections. 


Matty Conrad Beard and Facial Hair Men's Grooming Barbering Tips


2. Beard & Facial Hair Sectioning Tip
Learn to visualize the shape in separate pieces—side walls, front wall, base corners and mustache. This will make the beard easier to adjust and fit the client’s face shape. “Just like a haircut, we often work in zones,” shares Matty. “Then complete one area before moving onto the next zone.”


For better visibility of the perimeter and silhouette, work with a white or lighter cape to help you spot any flyaways that would be otherwise difficult to detect. Matty uses the custom-designed Victory Barber & Brand Classic Barber’s Cape for its primarily white pinstripe pattern and adjustable, comfort-fit neck. 


3. How To Finish A Beard Trim
Matty applies a few drops of Victory Barber & Brand Beard Oil after a beard trim to immediately moisturize the hair and skin. “Always choose an oil that is subtle and uses essential oils for fragrance opposed to an actual fragrance oil,” warns Matty. “After sitting directly under your client’s nose for long periods of time, fragrance oils can cause irritation and headaches.”

Matty Conrad Beard and Facial Hair Men's Grooming Barbering Tips