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A classic, water-soluble pomade with an aggressive hold and a handsome aroma. Suitable for all hair types to create a smooth polished look that would make your grandfather proud.

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Firm hold / High shine

More Details

Contains violet pigment that keeps blonde and silver hair shining bright.

Rinses completely clean from the hair without shampoo.

How To Use

For smoothest results, apply a fingerful to towel-dried hair and comb it into the desired style.

Smells Like

Grandpa’s pipe tobacco

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Paul Hillier
Love it

Excellent product - perfect balance of hold, scent, rinseability

Tony Iuele


Andrei bunea
Stop buying other products! This is better than winning the lottery!!!

Well i know i made my grandpa proud !!!
This product is amazing, easy to wash off, smells like a millions bucks amd holds my hair how i want it, sexy and charming 😎. Dont waste your money elsewhere and be a smart dude and order Victory product!!!! Your wife/girlfriend will thank you! For looking awesome

Ameene Shishakly
New fav pomade

Love this stuff. Leaving aside that it’s Canadian-made, or the subtle but awesome scent, it gets my frizzies tamed and keeps the faux hawk in place all day without looking varnished. Definitely now a mainstay in my hair care.

Roberto C
Good stuff!

I like the pomade. A lot. I use Victory's Claymore and like it a lot, but the pomade is also really good. The fragrance is subtle, but nice. I have silver hair so appreciate the slight coloring in the product. It washes out easily and has good hold. I tend to use the pomade when I'm going out in the evening, the hold is a little softer than the claymore and it doesn't resist me running my hand through my hair the way the claymore does. The claymore is great all-day hold and I use it for everyday all-day styling, I think of the pomade as being a little more refined. Pickup truck vs BMW, telecaster vs archtop, cleaver vs stiletto - you get the picture. I really like both products a lot and will continue using them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is pomade?

Pomade is a classic men's grooming product made popular during the early 20th century because of its high shine and strong hold. While early versions were made from petroleum and rendered animal fats, the modern version has transitioned to more of a water-based wax that helps create smooth, easy-to-comb, classic looks in the hair, with easier removal. Victory Brand Pomade is water-based, easy to remove, simple to apply and smells like grandpa's pipe tobacco!

When should I use pomade?

Pomade is best used to control medium to thick hair types when the desired result is a smooth, semi-wet look or a classic, easy-to-comb hairstyle. It is ideal for short to medium hair lengths.

How do I apply pomade?

For a slick look, Pomade can be applied directly to damp or towel-dried hair and combed into place.

For a smooth look that still has volume, take a small amount of Pomade and apply it to damp hair, blow-dry using a vent or round brush to create volume, apply an additional small amount of Pomade to dried hair and comb into desired look.

Why Victory Barber Pomade?

Instead of a super stiff glued down look, Victory Brand pomade has been specially formulated to be moisturizing, to remain soft feeling in the hair, and to provide excellent control. While most pomades on the market are orange or brown in color, the Victory Brand pomades violet color is designed to help control brassy tones in blonde, silver, or naturally grey hair and keep them shining bright.

Is Victory Brand Pomade easy to remove?

Yes.. Victory Brand Pomade is 100% water-soluble and is easy to remove with a thorough rinse.

Can I use it in fine hair?

Absolutely! Victory Brand Pomade is exceptionally lightweight compared to other pomades, which makes it a good choice for people with fine hair looking to achieve a classic, smooth look.

Does it get crunchy?

Never. Victory Brand Pomade is formulated with water-soluble lanolin that helps moisturize the hair and keeps the finish soft and touchable.

Can I mix it with the other products?

All Victory Brand products are intermixable. Want to add a little shine to Super-Dry? mix it with Pomade in your hands before you apply! Want to increase the hold? Mix it with Claymore for an amazing concoction that we lovingly called PB&J, and watch in amazement as it takes control of your unruly mop.