We say it all the time: MEN CAN BE YOUR BIGGEST MONEYMAKERS! Dudes get their hair cut more frequently and will be your most loyal clients. Want to know how to make male clients feel more comfortable, more educated and (most importantly) keep them coming back? We snagged some tips from the coolest barber we know, Victory Barber & Brand™ Founder Matty Conrad (@mattyconrad). Scroll down for everything you need to impress male clients and get them to rebook immediately.


1. Ditch The Sectioning Clips

After a shampoo service, Matty sections the haircut without clips. Why? “I like guys to feel cool the whole time, especially If they are sitting in front of a mirror. I don’t want them to feel silly with clips in their hair,” Matty says. Just wet the hair down completely and comb the excess out of the way.


2. If You Teach, They Will Listen

People (not just guys) love a multi-tasking product, and if you teach him how to use it, he’ll definitely work it into his routine. That’s why Matty likes to start styling with PRIMER from Victory Barber & Brand™ because it conditions and adds texture (a 2-in-1!), offering heat protection while also increasing thickness and softness. 



3. Simplify Steps To Ensure He Sticks To It

Now that he has a multi-tasking product to start with, take it one step further: Simplify the blow-dry routine by relating it to something the client already knows. For example, Matty likes to use the “wax on, wax off” reference to make styling easier to understand. Here are some more easy styling tips to teach your client:

 Managing Volume:

  • For more volume, teach him to use his hands to lift hair away from the scalp.


  • For less volume, explain how he can use the shape of his scalp to move hair around (almost like a “flat wrap” blow-dry, but using his hands instead of a brush).


Creating Texture:

  • On the top section, show him how to use his hands to move the hair back and forth to activate PRIMER. (Really work that “wax on, wax off” method here.)


  • Have him use his fingers to start lifting the hair up and creating movement.


  • At the front, show him how to lift the hair up and gently scrunch at the hairline.


Pro Tip: Finish his style with a shot of cool air from the blow dryer to not only give him a refreshing burst on his recently-shaved neck, but also quickly get rid of any short hairs stuck to him.

4. Warning: Your Client’s Go-To Styling Product Is Probably Wrong

Not to stereotype, but dudes are generally creatures of habit, which means he may be using the same styling product he started using a decade ago. Educate your client on what product is actually correct for his hair type and work that into his routine instead.


  • Fine Hair: Avoid products that are oil- or water-based, which can be heavier and weigh the hair down. Matty recommends SUPER-DRY by Victory Barber & Brand™ to amplify the texture you just created with the cut and give the style a full, matte finish. 


  • Thick Hair: Looking for long-lasting hold? Try CLAYMORE by Victory Barber & Brand™, which has a beeswax base and an ultra-strong hold.